Top 5 Custom Software Development Trends in 2019

By March 15, 2019 ,

Custom software development is being considered to be the best job all over the world. Even if the entire demand of software developers isn’t actually new, there has been a significant growth in the last few years with the advent of latest technologies like Block chain and Artificial Intelligence.

A few technologies are becoming fairly viable while others are rapidly becoming main stream. It is a well-known fact that certain type of technology can essentially fade without any trace due to rapid advancements emerging every now and then. So, a custom software development company need to be aware of the latest developments in the entire technology industry and new trends which can easily benefit your own business in the near future.

What are the Top Software Development Trends in 2019? This is a common question between businesses & developers. Let’s find some of the best software trends for 2019:

1. Growing Importance of On-Demand Software

on-demand -app-development

The on-demand apps are becoming the newest trend and will continue to remain so as people have an inherent tendency to avoid any type of human contact. On-demand apps have to become available for numerous cases as well as purposes.

The major features you get in any on-demand app are convenience, customizability, and scalability. In the future, in the particular case of custom web development, this trend will certainly raise as on-demand mobile app development remain to be among the most sold software programs present in the market.

2. IoT

IoT app development is the latest innovation in software development which has its effects spread at both the industrial scale consumer. The technology that basically binds that all technologies together is set to witness an exponential demand across the domains of safety and customer experience.

“As per PWC estimates, over 90% automobiles will be IOT enabled by the year 2020. Such a degree of connectivity and control is estimated to deliver incremental efficiency in fields of transportation, logistics and supply chains.”

3. Cybersecurity

Security is a concern in every parameter of human life and this issue spreads its presence in all sizes or type of business as well. Data and software loss threats have become a key part to look out by software developers.

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Cyber threats aren’t going away so security will continue to dominate enterprise priorities. Also, with the rise of IoT across industries, you can supposed to get much worse before it gets better.

As companies go through digital transformation, they can also potentially rises their exposure to risk. So you can bet that eliminating vulnerabilities and enhancing security will be on everyone’s New Year’s resolution list this year.

4. Emergence of Blockchain


The blockchain development is quickly gaining ground as most of the industries, as well as companies, are either adopting or even planning to adopt it in the future. Blockchain also lets the authentication of various large-scale transactions within time as well as remove the requirement of expensive intermediaries.

Hence, it reduces costs. Companies which are related with all of the industries that include healthcare are now seeking blockchain in order to apply it in the entire supply chain, medical data, administration, and more to streamline various processes.

Top most technology companies are now stepping into the field of blockchain and also presenting their own platforms which are based on this particular technology in order to drive adoption.

5. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is best trend in today’s world. From platforms to infrastructure, cloud computing has transformed the way enterprises use software applications.

“73 % of the world’s businesses have at least one app or an infrastructure element on the cloud.”

From becoming more agile in terms of application development to saving fortunes by eliminating on premise infrastructure costs, businesses are re-inventing themselves in the digital age.

The advantages of cloud technology are endless:

  1. scalability on demand
  2. Top service providers in every niche
  3. Global availability, etc.

With cloud computing, your technology staff can be empowered with mobility i.e. the freedom to work wherever they want and with whatever resources they need. This is yet another trend that every business needs to take seriously to improve their ROI on technology investments.

Final words:

These trends prominently, give an idea about the constant research and development that is taking place in this industry. It generates the need for instant and continual updates on the part of companies and software developers.

The software development is working at a full and same speed all over the world. The one thing that every developer must keep in mind is that change is vital and unavoidable. Every software consulting company must focus on the progression of the industry and follow the same trend to become a leader.