Reducing the Effects of Cellphone Radiation During Pregnancy

By August 20, 2019
Cellphone Radiation Effects pregnancy

Yes! Cell phone radiation can be a critical threat during pregnancy. “The dangers of over-exposure to cell phone radiation can range from brain development to hyperactivity” pointed acclaimed researchers of Yale School of Medicine. But since you can’t quit the use of cell phones, why not get a shield for the same. 

Vortex Bioshield is just the right cell phone radiation protector you need. This amazing accessory can help you ‘soon to be moms’ protect your unborn babies from the microwave radiations. Your babies are defenseless but you are not. Get the premium protection from cell phone radiation now. 

The ongoing debate!

People usually want to know how much exposure is safe for pregnant women. To be very honest there is no safe dose, the effects are impossible to be standardized in terms of the damage they can do to a fetus. Cell phone radiation and its effects can vary for men, women, young children and developing babies. 

In fact, the topic is the most ignored of all. All the safety warning for cell phones and their use address to a full-grown man who talk less than an hour a day. But it should be noted that an average toddler’s head weighs almost half of the one for whom all the standards and precautions have been formulated. 

What do we suggest? 

Before diving into the business, we researched well on the subjectivity of cell phone radiations being dangerous for a developing foetus. What we found was staggering. Apart from all the claims made by many companies on microwaves coming from a cell phone being safe for a pregnant woman, what we found was quite in disagreement to their statements.

It is highly suggested by Vortex Bioshield that a pregnant woman or a woman planning her pregnancy must be aware about the risks of ill-effecting cell phone radiations. Here are measures that are highly recommended by Vortex Bioshield to you to reduce the cell phone radiation exposure.  

  • Do not hold the cellphone directly up to your head. You can use Vortex Bioshield cell phone radiation protector devices.  You can also us a speakerphone to talk. 
  • Keep cellphones away from the belly, men too should be cautious about keeping the phones in their pocket. One should not keep the phone too close to the abdomen without microwave radiation shielding devices to keep a safe difference between use and handset. 
  • Keep your children from playing with a cellphone, if you have older children in house, use Foxtraut Safe headsets while talking on phone, playing music or other activities.
  • It is suggested that you turn off your wireless routers at night to minimize the exposure to the radiation. 

Effectiveness of Vortex Bioshield Cell Phone Protection Gears 

The Vortex Bioshield devices are designed to block cell phone radiations and can eliminate the potentially hazardous radiations from reaching baby.  It blocks the microwave radiations by deflecting it, simply being a shield between the user and the mobile phone.

Many studies have shown harmful effects of cell phone radiation on the unborn babies. It can even be a cause of ADHD which is a growing disorder found in children, its better to be protective.  

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