By October 25, 2018

Appoint the future bandwagon of consulting stalwarts

 New data-driven trends will come continuously and get rapidly edged out by the next revolution. But, sustaining the legacy of the enterprise will be dependent on stable methods of operational data records. This is how any big or small organization will be able to remain credible in the marketplace. The largest financial institutions are using blockchain technologies and if you are struggling to go mainstream, specific automation methods could prove useful. We offer a guideline that not only puts the spotlight on the implementation of the appropriate blockchain technology but also assess its practical long-term solutions for your enterprise. For example, is it the right approach at all to apply this technology? Without the guidance of the data science consulting team, the exercise could come up with the wrong results.


We will help you to understand how the immutability and new regulations across the continents continue to throw privacy challenges…a side effect that is bothering many enterprises when it comes to controlling the virtual financial legacy.  

Understanding the ecosystem provided by data-driven decisions

Values are provided by reusable methods


Just in case you are still not clear about the projects that can be improved with data science consulting, let’s bring the basics to the table.  It deals with 3 things in the enterprise no matter in which industry you are doing business:

  • Building analytical skills
  • Developing competencies
  • Understanding the business model and its mechanisms

An ideal firm that facilitates the above services for the clients will provide a clear-cut strategy, consulting, developing methods, and a plan that can be executed. In addition, the entire ecosystem will work on the data generated and the decisions will be made to raise the business standards. Even when a project is over, the consultants leave the client with enough operational data that can be reused or recycled. Each client is able to harness it depending on the industry he has business interests in and the regulations that are governed by it. For example, as we are highlighting the usage of blockchain in the financial sector, data science consulting will focus on aspects like immutability that affect the digital currency (like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.). Or in the case of other industries, different parameters could be used by FMCG firms to review the turnover of their business with the available data. It could be used with the help of machine learning once the data science consultant provides an analysis of the information. In such a scenario, a slew of pipelines can be prepared to funnel the metrics for the sales, personal data collection, and legal protection for the company. Closing the gaps for privacy is important and hence understanding the data with the help of a professional consultant matters. This should clarify any misunderstanding related to how data science consulting differs from the traditional consultancy. As you get clarity, you will be able to circumvent the side effects of the blockchain technologies. It is also changing the way banking is done worldwide.

Cloud adoption is most effective

Its efficiency is proven

While working on serverless applications, many financial institutions have gained confidence in its ability to focus on efficiencies rather than on infrastructure maintenance. They allow IoT data and other smart apps to generate useful data. Such a method is already seeing many enterprises who are willing to use data-driven decisions for internal purposes. Once the method is adopted it can be viewed with a tactical or heuristic angle.

Just to illustrate how it works to take a look at the following figure. It shows how an operational blockchain analytics functions as it handles transactions and updates per second.


The data is analyzed with Hyperledger, R3Corda, or the Chain. With significant material emerging from IoT it is the bellwether for implementing the apps. Its success eventually lies in streamlined blockchain analytics.

Regulatory and impact equally important

Handles KYC, frauds, and investigations

As mentioned earlier, dealing with the side effects is very crucial in using operational data. The market for cryptocurrencies is surging and it leaves no space for incidences of frauds or KYC. A fanatical institution is under constant pressure to be transparent. Your enterprise could be dealing with money laundering with an address that is approved. Investigations become important by locating the right IP address. This is also a major part of data science consulting. There is no escape from choosing the right firm to deal with. Both immutability and privacy challenges continue to make financial legacies more watertight. It is time to consider the right team to implement the best methods and get assistance in reusing the data.

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