Salesmate Vs. Insightly – Which is the Best CRM Software for your Business?

By February 9, 2019
Salesmate vs Insightly

Customer Relation Management or CRM is a necessity for any business, it helps you gain the customer support that drives you in a positive direction. Everything is very easy in the modern world of fast technology and software support.

Now that the use of CRM software is expanding, it is not only covering the marketing and sales strategies but is also increasing customer engagement. Owing to the increase in the demand of good CRM software, the selection of one can be tricky. It will also require much research. Affordability adds value to the respective CRM.

Here’s a comparison between Salesmate and Insightly to help you decide further:


Salesmate is like the favorite child as a CRM software due to its count of helping out over 1500 small businesses in growing with profitability. The user interface is minimalistic which guarantees good ratings for this particular software. It comes with a clearer vision for your sales pipeline. Thismakes it easy for you to identify stalled deals, increase the sales velocity and lastly, acquire accuracy in the forecasts.

With salesmate, don’t picture yourself entering data manually. It also scrutinizes through your emails and get the contacts that can be listed for further dealing. Emails and calls that come with CRM are inevitably attached to the respective deals. Don’t worry about finding relevant information about your customers, Salesmate does it via their social profiles mechanically. It helps close the deals faster and lead to conclusions smartly. Being a small business, salesmate can be your ideal choice in increasing the revenues and business growth.

You can filter and track the sales goals. With this you can progress, all that is required is to drag and drop simply. You can also set sales goals and revenue for the sales team, later on, track them as well. This is also helpful in estimation and optimization of deals with the revenue. The statistical analysis is provided,so you don’t deviate from the sales funnel and reveal predictive insights too.

Salesmate comes with the integration option of multiple apps,i.e. CRM WordPress plug-in that aids you in building forms with personalized fields, Google calendar,etc. It supports a powerful API, with the benefit of full customization. This particular software also works in a multi-currency format. This is beneficial because it saves your business from any money restrictions. Depending on the sales activity, you can stay well-informed with the help of their timely notification feature.

  • Pricing:

Salesmate comes with both monthly and yearly plans. It depends on the user’s preferences. It goes like this; yearly – $12/month and monthly- $15/month. It includes bulk emails, user permissions and hierarchy, email templates and unlimited deals. It also comes with multiple sales pipelines, unlimited tasks and contacts, time-dependent full email synchronization and G suite integration. The price range is sufficient when it comes to the features above. The support of a quality plan and user interface makes this software worth buying.

  • Device Support:
  1. iPhone/iPad
  2. Windows
  3. Android
  4. Mac
  5. Linux
  6. Web-based


Insightly is currently in-use by several industries varying from construction or health to real estate and manufactures. It guarantees a very strong customer relationships,and its main emphasis lays on their gratitude. Your opportunities are seized with the help of the CRM pipeline management and tools for the automation of workflow. It saves your time in repetitive task performance, instead saves reusable templates.

This software also sets up multi-stage workflows. This initiates the required task as soon as the action is initiated. E.g. It may send automatic emails. It automatically captures lead and then distributes accordingly, which eases the process of deliverance in accuracy. It also comes with an email tracking system. Thissends and receives emails for you via the aid of this software.

Insightly is easily-accessible from anywhere. The respective app is available both, on ios and android. The flexible calendaring and event management provides you ease in managing upcoming proceedings. It comes with a command over notes, comments,and Evernote. It also can put up user-friendly custom filters and fields. You can make specific tags by contacts, keywords,and projects.

Keep yourself up-to-date with the notification and follow-up system. This software also makes linking easy. Automatic email reminders are also put up as you will them to be. Keep in touch with your information with the easy user interface of the dashboard. You can create user impressions on your desire and choice. The activity sets and pipelines depend on the sales flow which can be altered according to your need. Lastly, stay relieved about the lifetime of the data with the help or automatic backups.

  • Pricing:

It comes with a good set of pricing that matches nearly everyone’s requirements. You can set yourself up with a free 14-day trial. After the trial ends, it’s up to you whether you select to cancel, downgrade or upgrade to a free plan. The three sets of plans offered by Insightly are Plus, Enterprise, and Professional. The insightly pricing Plus plan comes in $29/month that has limited features when compared with the Enterprise plan which is fully customizable as per your need. The professional plan is good to help out many tasks in a total of $49/month.

  • Device Support:
  1. iPhone/iPad
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. Windows
  5. Web-based

Last Word:

Choosing a sales crm doesn’t provide you a tool only, but the vendor as well. Looking at the features won’t satisfy your concern unless you’re clear with the company standards. Examine the language and device support and judge your team supplies. Decide accordingly without excluding any specific needs.

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