Each And Everything About Content Marketing


An introduction

Let us start by defining content marketing: It is a process of utilizing information for promoting and branding a product or service. As a process, content marketing is a way of reaching a vast range of audiences. And the phenomenon of content marketing is not going to halt in the coming years also. The contemporary businesses are abandoning the outdated methods of outbound marketing that are cumbersome, time consuming and costly. Rather, the present-day commercial world is inviting the leading-edge Content development services. Such type of services:-

  • Builds trust between customers and brands
  • Attracts more and more customers

It is significant to note the leading trends of content marketing that can possibly dominate 2015. Read further to discover such fresh content trends.

Businesses are able to finally understand the magic of content marketing

Close to 60 percent of businesses know the magic of content. Such businesses know the importance of a content marketing strategy they are adopting. As per a survey undertaken by Content Marketing Institute, a humungous 93 percent of B2B marketing experts bank upon hardcore online content marketing strategies to promote businesses. At present, the phenomenon is a crucial part of everyday businesses of any type and nature. For successful business, you need to have an efficient content marketing strategy in place.

New content marketing job titles are surfacing

Content Director is one of the newest job titles found in the industry. A large number of corporate giants have already recruited content directors and marketers. Such type of job profiles is responsible for both creating as well as curating content.

Mobile content strategies separate the best from the rest

Different content marketers know the trick of tasting success in the world of the Web. The trick is to have a well-defined content marketing strategy in place. The significance of a mobile’s content marketing strategy cannot be ignored after the release of Google’s Hummingbird. Having a mobile content strategy is a must for a business to excel online. Businesses, having mobile-friendly content do a lot of profit. The same, however, cannot be said for businesses that do not prioritize their requirements of mobile content. As per 2014 marketing report, close to 41 percent respondents say that they open emails and websites using their mobile devices or smartphones. The same research report showed that 42 percent respondents (marketers) say they are satisfied by the responsive designs used in emails.

Is content automation on the horizon?

More and more present-day marketers have understood the requirement to have high-quality content. Close to 72 percent of marketers are satisfied by the adopted content marketing strategy. Marketers, at present, want to automate the entire process of content creation as well as curation. However, many industry experts opine that such automation is not feasible both conceptually and financially. Such unfeasibility arises because content automation is cumbersome.

All the above-mentioned points justify the need to have a proper content marketing plan to develop a business’ foothold in the Web domain. Many businesses have tied up with article writing company India to do a quality submission of articles, thereby, offering information to users.

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