Consider Visiting These Locations before Buying a Property for Sale in Bangalore

By September 18, 2018

If you are relocating to or within a growing city like Bangalore, it is necessary to look at the developing locations in the city before you freeze a particular home option. These locations in Bangalore are perfect to explore during weekends so that you can be informed about the best locations in the city for home purchase. you can choose 1 bhk flat in bangalore and 2 bhk flat according to your budget. These scenic areas have a close association with Bangalore for years since it represents its rich history. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway or nest a junction point for yourself, consider these lesser-known places of interest:

Omkar Hills

Omkar Hills is located in Rajeshwari Nagar near Bangalore. The place is elevated than the usual historical tourist places, giving a wonderful panoramic view of the city. The main highlight of this place is the Omkar Clock Tower, which consists of the clock known to be bigger than the one in Big Ben, London. The area consists of attractive temples with green scenic gardens, perfect for an evening walk around nature.

Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake was constructed in 16th Century by Kempegowda II. This lake is located adjacent to Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara, M. G. Road Mall. Ulsoor Lake is one of the most beautiful sights in Bangalore for a visit due to its clear water islands. These small islands are perfect for boating activities as the place allows non-Sikh tourists and residents to enjoy its beauty.

Turahalli Forest Area

Unlike above mentioned places, Turahalli Forest Area is highly suggested for people who have an adventurous spirit. For those who love to take a hike or enjoy an occasional trekking activity, this place is perfect for you. Turahalli is easily accessible to visit for residents who live near Kanakapura Road as this forest area is almost 20km away. The area is perfect for cycling, trekking, hiking, or even for a morning jog as you will surely be able to feel yourself connected to nature.

Freedom Park

Bangalore consists of places that have a significant value of history. One such highly referred place is Freedom Park. Located in Gandhi Nagar, this place contributes towards making Bangalore a ‘Garden City of India’. However, it is the historical legacy that attracts most people to come and visit Freedom Park over and over again. The sight was formally a place for central jail, which was apparently housed for opposition leaders in emergencies. It was until recently that the place was restructured and renamed as a ‘Freedom Park’. Considering its history, the place still holds a special area for occasional protests that have occurred till today.

Daly Memorial Hall

Certain properties of real estate bangalore have been highly influenced by colonial architecture. One such influential monument is Daly Memorial Hall, built to honor Sir Hugh Daly, resident of Mysore State. This memorial has a significant value due to the fact that leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, and Rabrindranath Tagore were hosted at this memorial. For those who have a huge interest in learning historical value, this place is perfect as it contains a library worth 40,000 books. Located near Sampangi Rama Nagar, these books contain genres related to culture, history, architecture, religion, etc.

Considering the beauty of such places, relocating to Bangalore might turn to be a good option. Moreover, affordable properties for sale in Bangalore can let you choose your dream home near to such scenic places. Bangalore consists of various affordable living space schemes, based on budget and location. Bajaj Finserv’s Homes & Loans is the perfect destination to explore lucrative properties situated in these areas. Go on to the website to find out more about easy home loans by Bajaj Finserv on these properties at attractive interest rates.

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