Which Broadband Connection Is Best In My Area?

By July 9, 2019

There is not a single broadband company that provides Internet. Home users don’t have many options when it comes to high-speed Internet as the speed promised and actual speed delivered are mostly different. I live in Andra Pradesh and I shall tell you about the best broadbands in my area. There are actually more than 200 broadband ISP’s in India. The biggest ones are BSNL, Airtel, Spectra, Tata Docomo.
Top Internet Providers basically offers high-speed, premiere quality and cost-effective Internet connectivity for homes, authorizing clients to search the genuine potential of the Internet. Their services are evaluated at competitive rates and are in sync with the latest technology. The products and service offered by Internet Providers in India are both flexible and scalable and ensures clients satisfaction.

We will talk about top Internet provider broadband.


BSNL holds 53.15% of market share and 2.32 million subscribers to its credit. BSNL Broadband services are accessible on DSL technology on a national basis covering 198 cities. It is on par in the context of infrastructure facilities compared to the advanced countries. The BSNL subscribers can access Video multicasting, Audio and Video conferencing, Distance learning, texting, etc through its Subscriber Service Selection System (SSSS) portal.
Their major objectives are to provide the users high-speed Internet connectivity, Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, dial VPN service, Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) and both post and pre-paid internet facilities to its customers. It also provides its clients with the alternative to choose the facilities via an Internet server.

2. Bharti Airtel:

Airtel Broadband plans start at 2399 Rupees/month and offer speeds starting from 480 MBPS. The fastest plan is the 2699 Rupees per month plan that offers the same speed (40 MBPS) but the limit is 160 GB and then It switches automatically to a slower plan of 1 MBPS. Approximately 0.58 million subscribers under its network belt and enjoys a considerable market share of 13.25% which is unbelievable. One of Asia’s foremost incorporated telecom firms with operations centred in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Its incorporation, Bharti Airtel has been at the vanguard of expertise and has led the way for several modernizations in the Indian telecom sector. The Telemedia business unit of the firm offers IPTV, telephone facilities and broadband services in 89 cities of India. The firm has 0.58 million subscribers to its credit with a significant market share of 13.25%.
Airtel has taken the level of communication one step ahead and behind Its high-speed Internet connection, the reason is having laid high-speed cables across the country. Although It is now shifting to the latest technology -Vectorisation – that can provide speeds of up to 100 MBPS which you couldn’t even dream of. You will have to face any downtime issues rarely while working on Airtel broadband. Customer service responds promptly to your request.
It is important that in the times of high connectivity, their services remain of high quality. Somehow Airtel has managed to make its customer base larger every year through its consistent services.