Types of Savings Accounts Offered by ICICI Bank

By June 25, 2019

ICICI Bank offers a wide range of savings bank accounts to stay in line with your unique banking requirements.

They have been mentioned below:

  1. Advantage Woman Savings Account – In order to create more opportunities for women, ICICI Bank has designed this savings account that includes offers on courses for skill development such as music lessons, IT certification, and personality development. This savings account also benefits women by giving them offers that help them look after themselves, their family members. Such offers include kids’ education, healthcare discounts, and so on.
    1. Debit card benefits:
      • Receive cashback up to an amount of Rs.750 per month on entertainment, jewelry, and dining. Offers on debit card usage are also available.
      • Enjoy unlimited transactions at any ATM.
      • Receive a personal accident insurance cover free of cost and purchase a protection cover on the card.
    2. Discount on lockers: Receive a 50% discount on 1st year locker rentals.
    3. Eligibility criteria: Holder must be a resident Indian woman who is 18 years old. The holder must be the primary applicant.
    4. Special offers:
      • Enjoy discounted rates on personal loans, car loans, and home loans.
      • You can apply for the plan iProtect Smart that offers a comprehensive premium for Accidental Death, Life, and 34 critical illnesses.
    5. Nomination:
      • A beneficiary can be nominated for the savings account.
      • One saving account can have one beneficiary online, irrespective of whether it is held jointly or singly.
      • The facility of nomination is provided for bank deposits also.
      • Applicants can fill up the nomination form directed under the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules 1985, in order to nominate someone to their account.
    6. Portability features:
      • Savings account from one branch can be transferred to another one through ICICI Bank’s customer care department or via internet banking.
      • A request in writing can also be submitted for the same.
      • The savings account transfer usually takes about two days.
  1. Investment and Tax Savings Account – This savings account has been designed specifically for the investment needs of people. The account offers the below-mentioned benefits to its holders:
    1. You can register for investment in mutual funds at the time of account opening.
    2. You can invest in Tax Saving Mutual Fund (ELSS) through the simple Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).
    3. You can enjoy the benefit of investing in various mutual fund schemes through ICICI Bank’s iMobile application’s tool called Money Coach.
    4. Enjoy a deduction up to an amount of Rs.1.5 lakh for ELSS investments according to rules specified in Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
    5. You will not incur any penalties or charges in case you are unable to maintain a minimum balance in your savings account.
  1. The ONE Savings Account – This savings account has been designed for achievers. The account offers the following benefits:
    1. You can receive a 100% fee waiver if you open a Trading Account.
    2. If you are making an equity investment in a demat account, you will not be required to pay any annual maintenance charges.
    3. You can enjoy unlimited cash transactions/withdrawals in any ATM.
    4. You will receive a 40% rebate on annual locker rentals.
    5. You will be able to deposit and withdraw cash anywhere.
    6. Lifestyle benefits offered under the savings account are:
      • Zomato Gold – You will receive a complimentary Zomato Gold membership if you have maintained the specified balance in your account for a period of three months. You will also be required to make one Unified Payment Interface (UPI) transaction on the bank’s iMobile app.
      • Amazon Prime – If you are spending Rs.15,000 on the debit card, you will receive an Amazon Prime gift card of Rs.999.
      • Big Basket – You will receive a 15% discount every time you shop from Big Basket using The ONE Savings Account Debit Card.
  1. Regular Savings Account – You can enjoy the provision of banking from any place at any time with this savings account. Enjoy provisions such as routine transactions, balance enquiry, and Fixed Deposit creation requests via online channels such as internet banking, customer care, etc. The benefits offered by the savings account have been mentioned below:
    1. You may use your Silver Debit Card for cash withdrawal from any ATM.
    2. You will also receive a personal accident insurance cover free of cost along with purchasing a protection cover on the debit card.
    3. You can receive your bank statements through email, free of cost.
  1. Gold Savings Account – This savings account offers a multitude of services and products that renders banking simple and hassle-free. Following are the benefits you can enjoy:
    1. Receive Free Gold Privilege Debit Card that comes with various offers.
    2. You can withdraw cash any number of times at any ATM, without any charges.
    3. Receive a 20% discount on the annual charge for Safe Deposit Lockers.
    4. You will receive a fee waiver if you open a Trading Account along with a horde of other investment options.
    5. Receive SMS alerts free of cost.
  1. Titanium Savings Account – This savings account makes banking convenient not only for you but for your family members as well. It offers the following benefits:
    1. Receive a Free Titanium Privilege Debit Card that comes with multiple offers and Visa privileges.
    2. You can withdraw cash at any ATM free of cost.
    3. In order to keep your valuables safe, you will also receive a discount of 40% on annual rentals for your locker facility.
    4. The savings account offers a horde of investment options including a fee waiver on Trading Account opening and Demat Maintenance Charges for the first year.
    5. You can contact the customer care department anytime for any query you may have.
    6. Receive alerts via SMS free of cost.
    7. Any resident individual, member of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), or foreign national who is 18 years old or above can open a Titanium Savings Account.


There are multiple types of product offerings made by ICICI Bank. If the above-mentioned savings accounts do not meet your banking requirements, Click here to know more about various features, benefits, inerest rate etc. So that you can always opt for a different product that is suitable for you and your family members.