How does voicemail to email feature works?

By March 22, 2019
voicemail to mail

Voicemail to email is a VoIP feature which records voicemail in an audio format usually Wav or Mpg. The feature then sends the audio to as an email. The recipient can download the file easily from their email and hear it through a media player on their desktop or smartphone. It is a very popular feature which is offered by cloud and hosted VoIP phone service providers.

Receive an email with audio attached

Typically, emails containing voicemail include the date and time of the message along with the caller ID information. There are several different ways that you can use this feature all that depends on your personal preference.

You will get a notification email containing your new voicemail message attached as an mp3 or Wav format file. The email will be saved in your voicemail box, so you have access to it whenever you want.

Receive an email with the recording attached but no saved audio

You will get an email containing your new voicemail message. However, in this option, the audio file is deleted automatically from your voicemail box.

Receive only the email with no attachment

You will get an email which will notify you that you have a new voicemail message in your voicemail box.

There are VoIP providers which allow you to listen and delete the recordings through a web portal along with the conventional dial-in phone technique.

Advantages of voicemail to email

Mobile Listening

This feature provides your voicemail box mobility. You have the freedom to listen to messages while you are traveling, making coffee or resting at home. Your voicemail recordings will be with you wherever you go. You would be able to access your voicemail’s through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

This feature is a basic tool for remote workers

The mobile agility which this feature offers you and your team helps in being connected. For example, if a presentation requires changing then this feature can come in handy.

Fast Retrieval

An average employee spends almost 4.1 hours a day in checking their emails. This means that in an eight-hour workday every other minute is spent on emails. With an email-centric workplace, this feature can make it easier for fir employees to check new voicemails. There are VoIP providers who offer text message notifications. As well whenever a new voicemail arrives.

The alternative to this would be waiting for your office phone to light up for a voicemail notification. The majority of employees miss this kind of notification initially. Workers who use their desk phone constantly see the notifications but still have to be near their desk phone to call their voicemail box, enter the PIN and then navigate through the web of recordings. Therefore, the feature voicemail email makes it easy for employees to receive and gear the voicemail messages.

Enhanced responsiveness

The faster you get a voicemail the faster you will be able to reply to its content. This speed can greatly enhance the response time of employees as they can contact clients and prospects quickly.


The feature of voicemail group to email Is also a helpful archival tool. All voicemails can be stored in an email folder and you also have the ability to download the files on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. If you work in an office which needs archiving or just wants, you to keep archival records then this feature can create a complete archive automatically of all your recordings.

Majority of the service providers include the date and time of a voicemail message along with the caller ID in the file name, which makes it easier for you to filter and sort the recordings. Usually, a voicemail recording takes up not over a few megabytes of storage space. There are third-party platforms like DropBox which allow you to directly send voicemail message recordings to a cloud storage account through a personal email address.