ChatBot, AI and the Future of Customer Service

By February 1, 2019 , ,

With the advancing technology, greater reliability, and nuanced communication chatbots have been creating impacts on every industry, allowing entrepreneurs to achieve better and progressively more gainful organizational goals.

There’s no denying the fact that the level of customer satisfaction is what decides the fate of an organization. With customers, always looking for something speedier, new, and automated with timely billing and delivery services, it has become really essential for companies to think big and take their customer service department to the next level. And this may be the primary reason why the demand and popularity of the exceptionally refined chatbot-based conversations and customer service solutions like Genesys chatbot is booming across every sphere of businesses globally.

Do ChatBots Really Work?

The AI, or Artificial Intelligence-powered chat bots, for example Genesys Web Chat, are not only capable of responding to the customers quickly and delivering human touch in the regular conversation but also can provide you round-the-clock accessibility and highly-urbane, human-like conversations. Swiftly moving beyond the over-formal IVR days to the dramatically advancing and improving business performances; the impacts of AI-based ChatBots have been felt in every industry, across the world. Tech giants like Genesys are spending huge amounts of money to develop AI powered chat bots. Try to read more about Genesys artificial intelligence and Genesys chatbot integration before you decided to add a chatbot in your website. Miratech, a Genesys trusted partner, is one of the companies that can analyze your needs and take care of the putting the best solution in place.

What Does Statistics Say?

According to the statistics of Facebook IQ, the bustle of chat bots in between January 2017 and January 2018 has registered a 5.6X YoY growth; with a 0.9X month-over-month escalation. Additionally, more than 2 billion messages have been exchanged between the companies and their customers via more than 100,000 bots on Facebook messenger; which is truly remarkable. And as we are in 2019; the growth is expected to be more noteworthy in the coming days.

How Can Chat Bots Help Businesses To Grow Their Customer Service?

Improved Brand Interactivity:

Chatbots enhance customer services and reinforce the brand’s interactivity via human-like conversations. It basically acts as your voice that appeals engagingly to customers and strengthens your company’s relationships with customers. By integrating Genesys artificial intelligence chatbot, you will be able to elevate the brand image of your organization significantly. The Miratech company specialists can be relied on for expert advice in this matter.

Automated Business Operation:

Chatbots automate online transactions & operations. They automatically quicken response rates and manage high-volume queries coming from your customers. They also ensure smoother and automated communication between businesses and customers.

Mobile Virtual Assistant:

AI-based chatbots give your customer service team a competitive edge by virtually assisting your customers accessing from smartphones. They promptly address the customers interacting with your business from their mobile devices and fortify your customer satisfaction level.

Boosted Customer Engagement:

The AI-powered chatbots also raise the rate of customer engagement and interaction rate by proactively answering and solving any sort of customer concerns and issues at anytime. By analysing the browsing behavior of the customers chat bots can predict their interests and preferences, which is another benefit for businesses.

Future of Automated Customer Service

According to recently published information, within next five year the international chatbot industry is expected to surpass $1.34 billion estimations and with finely distinctive communications, high-end technology, and excellent reliability rates chatbots will completely revolutionize the customer service department of every business globally. Utilization of AI-based chatbots has already been displayed a promising development in the customer service sphere of business and most likely, the future pledges more growth and prosperity.