Essentials You Need To Know About Taxi Insurance

By April 3, 2019

Insurance is a way of protection that keeps you safe from any sort of financial loss. If you are fully insured and face unexpected damage or an accident, then your damage will be covered. In the same way, if as a taxi driver you’re thinking to start your career, then insurance is must for you to keep your vehicle protected.

If you’re fully insured, then you don’t need to worry about the damage or loss. There are certain things that will come to your mind about getting insurance like how you can get cheap insurance for your taxi? Since everyone who wants to start their career cannot afford expensive insurances, so many people must be looking for cheap insurance cover which will help them in the future.

If you are confused about getting insurance, you may ask the broker about the insurance and they will guide you about everything related to insurance. They will help you searching for different insurance types for you and after searching they will provide you with the list. You may go for another way by searching for good Insurance Company London and their policies. This online service has made life much easier. There are a lot of insurance companies who want to gain customers, so their policies keep on getting changed every year. Hence, you can get cheap insurance for your taxi.

What Cover Do You Need?

Same as standard motor cover, taxi insurance offers the same three levels of protection: comprehensive, fire and theft and third party only cover. You can search which level is right for you.

However, specific to taxi insurance you may consider other options as well including:

Public Liability Insurance:

This type of cover protects any legal or compensation claims you if a customer suffers a personal injury or property damage while in your taxi. Many taxi insurance policies consider this cover as standard but before you buy, do check the policy carefully.

Personal Use Cover:

If you plan to use your taxi for day to day use when you are not working you may need this type of policy. If you also want to use the vehicle to be used by your partner, make sure that your local authority allows unregistered drivers to drive plated taxis or they don’t allow at all.

Unlimited Mileage:

You may drive a large number of miles each year as a taxi driver. An unlimited mileage policy will not charge you too much for driving several miles. Try to look at the miles you drive on average each year to come out either this cover is worth for you or not.

What kind of Taxis do you drive?

It is necessary to know which sort of taxi drive either it’s private or public hire? Private Hire vehicles are the ones which you book in advance. These types of vehicles do not pick up passengers from anywhere. Nowadays, this is the most famous type of vehicles. However, you do not have to pre-book. You may call public hire at anytime and anywhere. Public hire taxis are also known as a hackney carriage or black cab.

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