Top 10 Online Training Sites to Start Learning

By September 27, 2018

The traditional education system is quite popular among students, but it has many problems like they are quite expensive and you have to pay a large amount to start your study or to attend some prestigious school. Many times, due to budget, busy classrooms, and the shortage of courses, students do not even get the chance to study their favorite course from the prestigious school of their choice.

Today, a number of students are choosing online courses offered by reliable training institutes from all around the world. Undoubtedly online learning has become a revolution in the education industry and it has made significant changes in the education system too. Online learning brings a lot of opportunities for everyone, especially those who want to learn something from a reputed distance education center.

The objective of this post is to enlist a few of the popular online teaching Companies that should be opted to learn popular courses online. Along with that, we will also cover the advantages of online learning too. As many people think that online learning is not smart and good enough for the students and has many drawbacks. So, with the help of this post, you will know the reality of online learning and how it can be beneficial for you and your career growth in the future.

Ten Popular Training Sites for Online Learning

Today, along with the universities that are offering full-time courses in the online mode, there are many sites that provide training on individual courses. These courses are being created by the experts to share their knowledge or experience worldwide.

As these experts also need a platform to offer their courses, so the online training sites are providing a platform to such experts so that they can share their knowledge with the aspiring minds worldwide. A few of them are listed below for your reference:



Udemy is a popular e-learning platform that offers valuable in-demanding courses worldwide. There are almost thousands of courses of all types, on different topics. Even you can use the Udemy app as well if you wanted to learn something with your mobile. The courses on Udemy site are not free and you need to pay a certain amount for the course you are interested to learn. Moreover, if you are an expert and wanted to upload your course, you can always take the help of this site to become even more successful in your domain.



If you are trying to find a course that is offered by the top university or organization then you must choose the Coursera. The site has partnered with almost all top universities like Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, and others that offer world’s best education. There are thousands of free and paid courses in around 180 fields that are related to the computer science, business, social science and more. You can also use mobile apps to learn any course of your choice at your place.



Lynda is a popular hub for education and if you want to learn any new skill related to the business, creativity, or technology then you must choose this site. Even many other creative courses that are related to the animation, audio/music, business, design, development, marketing, or photography are also available on Lynda.

All new users of Lynda will get 30 days free trial after this time duration they need to pay $20 a month for the basic membership, while for the premium membership, the charges are $30 per month. Moreover, the reactivation feature can be used by those users who have to take a break in-between the courses.



Higher education courses are offered by edX and it has partnered with more than 90 popular education institutes worldwide that include Harvard, Berkley, MIT, University of Maryland, University of Queensland and others. This is the only MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) course provider where you can find a number of courses from the computer science, biology, psychology, marketing, and other streams. They also provide High School level education and for university-level courses as well.

JanBask Training

janbask training

If you want to practice the most popular in-demanding IT courses online then JanBask Training is the right place to start the learning. The Company offers a wide range of courses including Salesforce, Data Science, Business Analyst, QA Testing, Dot Net, Hadoop, Java, Python, Artificial Intelligence and many more. Each of the course content is designed carefully after the continuous research and it is highly suitable for the learners who want to start their career in IT.

The quality of the video content offered by the Company is just awesome. Each of the courses is quite affordable and there is a free demo facility also given by the Company. The instructor-led session makes learning more interactive and students have a chance to resolve their queries instantly.

Moving ahead, let us discuss a few more benefits that you could avail by understanding why JanBask Training is the most convincing choice for everyone …

      • Traditionally, online learning was just a dream for aspiring minds but JanBask Certification Training for different IT programs had made it true with affordable course structure.
      • The course content is prepared wisely by experts after a deep research and years of experience in the same industry.
      • There is a personalized teaching program facility where you can ask instructors to customize the course syllabus as per your needs.
      • The full access to LMS (Learning Management System) is given where you can learn online and watch recorded classes too.
      • The certification exams can be cleared quickly once you go through the course content thoroughly.



Udacity brings a variety of courses to make the education more affordable and accessible in all possible manners. The site has all the latest courses that can improve the student’s skills and the site claims that all the courses are offered at the cost of traditional school fees only. If you are planning to take any technical course like Android, iOS or data science then Udacity is just the awesome to start the learning online.



Alison has more than 10 million students from all around the world. They offer free and high-quality courses to support students and the education community. The courses are designed in the way so that anyone who is looking for a new job or placement or promotion can take the help of these courses.

Hundreds of free courses are available and the Company also provide certifications for certain courses. You can apply for diploma courses too based on your level of interests. It would be great to score higher to make sure that you are skilled enough to get hired by top Companies worldwide.



This is an interactive learning platform that offers instructor-led sessions for working professionals or any individual who is interested in learning most in-demanding IT programs. With the help of online training courses, there is an opportunity for the learners to future-proof their career with the right skills-set and knowledge. The company provides training in almost all popular IT courses that are popular among software Companies.



This is one of the largest online learning platforms that is specially designed for every working individual or someone who wants to fast-track his career growth by equipping the right set of skills and knowledge. As of now, there are more than 400 courses offered by the Company and they are planning to add more in near future. The Company provides an opportunity for learners to get certified and move ahead.



This is an e-learning platform where professionals are certified and interview guidance is also given so that learners could get their dream job quickly. The course is designed for almost everyone either working professionals who wanted to switch their career or enhance their skills set. The course is suitable for freshers who wanted to start their career in IT. With headquartered in Bangalore, The Company offers training in three modes – Online instructor-led training, Self-paced learning, and the Corporate training.

Why Choose Online Learning than traditional education system?

You can choose the course of your choice in the traditional education system, but for that, you may have to travel away from your home or many times may have to live in an unknown country. You may also have to spend lots of money to complete the course from your dream university or center.

While in the case of online learning, you can learn sitting at your home only and there is no need to spend time or money in traveling to another place. Here is the quick list of benefits why online learning is progressing so faster in the technical marketplace globally –

  • Comfortable Learning
  • Course Selection of Your Choice
  • No Travelling
  • Self-Pace Learning
  • Affordability