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By November 5, 2018


Businesses around the world are getting complex with every passing day, with the newer process being added and high-quality reports expected out of the existing system. Only those organizations will stay afloat amidst this tumultuous situation are the ones who can upgrade the skill sets of its employees constantly. The top management of smart organizations is in constant pursuit to look out for value additions channels, through which optimum resource utilization can be achieved. The best way to add value and maximize technology investments is by getting Red Hat certification. It is only through Red Hat certification, that employees learn to master Open Stack Platform and its usage regarding the implementation of cloud-based environment.

The indispensable nature of Red Hat

Red Hat certification and training provide in-depth knowledge in core areas of operating system platforms, middleware applications, storage systems, management support, and training. Business houses struggle with the management of the humongous amount of data, generated every second. There seems to be constant storage issues and not to mention the analysis of the same. The need of the hour is an Open Stack platform which is mostly deployed as infrastructure-as-a-service. The benefit of using this lays in the fact that virtual servers and various other support IT resources are made available to the organization specifically. This helps the organization address their IT challenges exclusively and keep up the data security level. Red Hat software platform consists of countless interrelated elements which are used to control a variety of multi-vendor tools and networking resources.

The cardinal nature of Red Hat certification deals with the most important topic related to the implementation of a cloud computing environment. It is meant to use Red Enterprise Linux platform, which is also an open stack in nature.  It is important for the system administrators to have hands-on experience in installing proof of concept using the Red Hat Linux platform. The following essentials of Red Hat training courses need special attention.

  • Identity Keystone – System administrators and other IT personnel taking Red Hat training, get to know about, the central directory of users provided by Keystone. It is required to map the users to the open stack services. The main fundamental behind keystone is the fact that it acts as a common authentication system, spanning across the cloud and also integrates with the backend directory. It has got a standard username and password essentials, which provides a query list of all the services deployed, that the user or 3rd party can access via programs.
  • Block storage – It is also known as Cinder, which provides block level storage devices for the use of open stack computer. Red Hat training makes the takers of the exam learn about the creation and dethatching of blocks to the servers. To facilitate the cloud users, block storages are integrated through open stack compute, along with dashboard. It is very important for the system administers to learn about the details of the block storage and its association with other storage platforms like Ceph, CloudByte, EMC, and many more.
  • Image (GLANCE)- Red Hat training provides in-depth analysis on the image glance, which states registration and discovery of delivery services for disk and its subsequent server image. The image can be stored as an image and extensively used to store an unlimited number of backups. The training takes the student to the depth of Glance, which adds various top-ups to the already existing IT legacy infrastructure.
  • Networking (Neutron)- This is a very advanced system of managing the IP addresses and respective networks. The benefit of using an open stack network is to make sure that the network does not become a constraint or bottleneck in a cloud environment.  The best part is that users can create their own network, with supreme control over web traffic. With this functionality, one can connect servers or devices to multiple networks easily, which is not possible with traditional tools.


Therefore, we see that whether you want to upgrade your skills or acquire new skill sets, RED Hat certification is a must-have. Some of the other benefits of using Red Hat certification are as follows:

    • Very high industry recognition.
    • Increase your brand value, in the process increase customer confidence.
    • The authority to use the prestigious Red Hat logo on your business card, which will increase your brand value by many folds.
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