Importance of E-learning


So do you know what E- learning is and what importance does it has? No? We will tell you keep on reading. It is (simplification of Anglicism Electronic Learning) could be defined as the teaching development over the web, through the use of electronic means.

The e-learning mainly comprises the following aspects:

  • The pedagogical one, referred to the Educational Technology as a discipline of the sciences of education, tied to the technological means.
  • The technological learning that is, referred to Information and Communication Technology, through the implementation of technologies integrated.
  • The e-learning offers countless benefits for schools, and it is extremely useful in higher education and postgraduate studies. Look for Assignment Writing Service.
  • Point is that it will continue this ascent until integrating the curriculum of all best schools of the globe. They already have this modality, and the trend continues to expand rapidly in all countries.

Although before there were prejudices towards those who studied through the network, the verdict is that it is currently deemed to be the modalities utmost required. As a new model of virtual learning education offers many advantages within them are the following:

1-Increase retention. The fact is that the studies show that there is an increased rate of retention for the face to face meetings and also they are productive too.

2- Reduction of learning times. According to empirical studies carried out for this purpose, it has been proven that learning times can be reduced between 40% and 60% if e-learning solutions are offered.

3- Customized training. E-learning courses offer the great advantage of being able to be personalized. It offers apprentice with a follow-up of their progress, alerts of work delivery dates, virtual meetings or exercises that are showed to the teacher.

4- Real knowledge management. It allows you to exchange ideas, opinions, and experiences, without geographical limits. They are forums that students use.

5- Easy access. You can access the content from any internet connection when the need arises. Also check the Assignment Help.

6- Lesser costs.  Eliminate space-time barriers: from your own home, at work, on the road, through mobile devices and different gadgets. The displacements are over! In addition, this type of online learning has smaller cost caused by transfers, accommodations, didactic materials, diets, among others.

7- Comprehensive follow-up of the training process. For a particular person: This type of training allows you to keep track of all your training progresses through exercises set out in virtual platforms or tests.

8- Digital competence. This causes that people who want to train online have to acquire some knowledge and skills of the tools of this type of learning, which undoubtedly is beneficial in the new era that we are living in 2.0.

9- Qualification. More and more are the teachings made by it are approved qualification as well as any face-to-face training. This aspect, without doubt, has made people have opted for this type of e-learning.

10- Virtual platform. In addition to an internet connection and an electronic device, in e-learning, it is common to use some kind of platform where all the information related to a teaching is concentrated. In education, one of the most consolidated E-learning platforms is the Moodle platform.

11- Tutorials. The fact that it is a distance education and that the students do not have physical contact with the teacher who teaches a specific teaching is not an impediment to supervising the student’s progress through tutoring. There are several ways in which a student can have a fluid contact with the teacher; through email, telephone or videoconferences, among others.

12- Tutorials. The existence of tutorials does not prevent anyone from learning in a self-taught way.

13- Update. In the e-learning the contents are online, that is, they enjoy the advantage of being housed in spaces where they can be constantly reviewed and updated. Also any amendments can be taken place if you want to.

14 – Speed and agility. The information is obtained at the moment and in an agile and accessible way.

15 – Greater flexibility. You can study in any time slot and set your own learning rhythms, according to the time you have and the objectives you have set. It is also compatible with many other activities, work, family, leisure, etc. it is enough to access the computer at the time you want.

16- Flexibility in the registration. Much of the training offer is more flexible in terms of the number of people who can access the same training, teaching or enrollment periods, something that in classroom learning is a clear restriction.

The verdict however is that the E-learning is the best technique that is used throughout the world. Also it is productive and one can learn a lot from this method.

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