Tips for Helping Your Business Make the Step up From Local to National

By September 14, 2018
Step up

It’s easy to coast along and get stuck in a rut when you’re running a small to medium size business. But, as you should know, standing still in the business world can be as detrimental as going backward. You’ll quickly lose custom to new, innovative businesses unless you’re moving with your customers’ changing needs.

If you’re ambitious, dominating the local market won’t be enough for you. You’ll have your eyes set on national glory, and then, after that, maybe even multinational success. And there’s nothing wrong with that kind of ambition, it’s what all good business owners have. It can be hard to know where to start though, so these great tips will help you out!

Prepare and Prepare for Failure

Before you put your plans for expansion into practice, you need to make sure those plans are realistic and comprehensive in scope. Make sure your way up the risks against the potential rewards and full cost every change you intend on making.

However great your plans are though, there’s always a chance things could go wrong. This is alright though. Most businesses fail in their expansion efforts the first time around. The key is being prepared for that failure and getting straight back up and trying again.

Expand Your Online Operations

If you’ve been working at the local level for the past few years, you may not have yet fully grasped how important the internet can be for bigger, more far-reaching businesses. When you’re small, you’re working more face to face and developing close relationships with customers. But all that changes when you expand onto the national stage.

Your website and social media profiles should be up to scratch. You should also embrace the possibilities of online marketing. And with the help of a business internet service, you’ll be able to improve your overall online operations. Research SEO for tips on how to get your website traffic up.

Move Into a New Headquarters

One of the keys to making your company bigger is making it look bigger. You may think that the way your company appears to the outside world is only a minor concern, but, believe me, it’s not! It might not be a great idea to judge a book by its cover, but people still do it regardless.

Moving into a new, bigger and upgraded headquarters is a great place to start if you want your expanded business to look the part. It’s not just potential customers you’ll be looking to impress, you want to impress fellow business and maybe attract some investment too.

Employ New Staff

If you’re moving into a new industry or sector, you’ll most likely need to improve your knowledge base. One easy way to do this is to employ new staff who have experience in the industry or business level you’re moving up to.

This is a much better option than simply sending your existing employees away on costly training courses that take up time and resources. New staff being a fresh outlook, and when you expand, you’ll probably have more work to process anyway!