Things Associated With Installing Concrete Kerb And Channel On Roads

Kerb And Channel


Kerb and channel are the structures seen at the edges of roads which protect the vehicles from going beyond the boundaries of the road. Road drainage is a big problem in metro cities, and to deal with this problem kerb and channel are designed which can allocate proper space for road drainage and other aspects. Also known as gutters, they are mostly made of concrete material and are installed by road contractors. Construction of such elements outside your house can also protect the stormwater from directly entering into your house.

Kerb And Channel

Kerb And Channel

A Few Factors Associated With Installing Concrete Kerb And Channel On

In diverse countries the construction of channel and kerb is handled b the city council so that the entire surface of road networks is prevented from water entering onto it. However beneath are few things that requires in the entire kerb and channel installation process:

•    Proper Drainage

One of the major reasons for installing kerb and channel at the edge of your pavement is to properly manage the flood water so that it doesn’t enter your house. These concrete elements work as a drainage system for collecting water flowing from all kinds of sources on the crowned pavement to lead it away from the house into the underground drainage system. This ensures that your pavement life is maintained for a longer time as the water can cause serious damage to the pavement and parking lot if it is not directed away. You can avoid digging ditches along the parking space or road and get a beautiful solution to drainage problems

• Strengthen Pavement By Improving The Compaction

Kerb and channel strengthen pavements by improving the compaction during the construction of pavement along the road. This helps to maintain the integrity of edges of the road during times of traffic. Also, the extra thickness given to the edges of concrete pavements, which is done by integral kerbs, improves the strength and stiffness. As a result, there are reduced deflections when on the roads induced by the traffic loads which extends pavement life.

•    For Appealing Aesthetics And Beauty Fiction

Concrete channels and gutters are striking to look at by the side of the road if they are constructed in a proper way. They make perfectly straight lines as the edges of the pavement which improves the beauty of your parking space. These borders give an enhanced aesthetic outline to your pavement’s limits in absolutely straight lines. It is always better to install kerb and channel on your pavement rather than leaving it with tattered edges which are not even clearly marked to be visible. This will give the exterior of your house a more defined and smarter finish.

Kerb And Channel

Kerb And Channel

•    Deals With Flooding Issues

Flooding problems are quite common and can be seen almost everywhere, it may be due to floods, stormwater, bursting pipes, or rainwater. It is difficult for the city council to manage and handle a natural flood by them in a short period of time. So it is your duty as well to have kerb and channel constructed outside your house so that water gets carried away with the natural flow and doesn’t accumulate or damage the roads’ surface.

Channels and kerbs increase the efficiency by which the street sweepers and cleaners do their job to keep the area clean. They can directly concentrate on the debris for simple and mechanical pickup. This has to be picked up by hands when it is scattered along shoulders and drainage swales all along the road and pavement area. Thus, now you know how important it is to install kerb and channel to manage road drainage appropriately.

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