How Sales and Marketing Work Together

By November 29, 2018 ,

Collaboration between the sales and marketing department is crucial for all companies. The problem that most businesses face today, is that they still let these two departments function independently. Although they can do a satisfactory job on their own, there’s no arguing that they can go above and beyond when they work together. Keep in mind that with sales enablement tools making it easier for the sales team to do parts of their jobs, they have more time to both sell and collaborate with the marketing team!

Companies that make sure there is a sense of cooperation between these two departments see to it that they work together flawlessly. With that in mind here are a few ways in which the teamwork between sales and marketing is shown!

Identifying the Friction Points

The sales funnel is basically the process that your customers pass through during every point of their buyer process. There is no defined sales funnel—there would usually be different sales funnels for different companies. The sales and marketing team should—on their own—understand what the sales funnel of your company is. When put together, their knowledge on the matter should excel expectations.

The marketing team and the sales team work on different parts of the sales funnel. They approach it in a different way and thus have different perspectives on the matter. When asked for friction points that they’ve encountered, they’ll probably present different ones. And when you see different problems, you have the opportunity to solve them. Some common friction points include:

  • A lack of Informed Qualified Leads or Marketing Qualified Leads – These are leads that are usually found at the top of the funnel.
  • A lack of Sales Qualified Leads – These are the leads at the bottom of the funnel.
  • A high number of unqualified leads.

Developing Customer Personas

Persona building is a common practice in many companies that focus on sales. This is basically the defining of your ideal lead—the personification of everything that your target market should be. Using this will help your team create more targeted and specific content. Of course, the two departments can easily come up with their own based on the information that they have, but the collected knowledge about the target market based on both market research and sales experience will create a more accurate version of these personas!

Content Creation

One of the more crucial parts of the sales and marketing collaboration efforts is the creation of content that are presented to the public and used in the sales cycle. Keep in mind that when it comes to content, you have to make sure that all you bring out are reliable and humane, not to mention informative to a certain extent.

Working together, the sales and marketing team should have ample information regarding the target personas in order to create content that are sure to entice them! And if there is still a shortage of information regarding the target market, the combined efforts of the two departments should be enough to gather all the relevant data!

Key Takeaway

If sales enablement tools make the lives of the sales team easier, then collaboration is what enhances the productivity of the sales and marketing team to a whole new level. These two entities have their separate functions and ideals, but at the end of the day, they will be at their most productive when they work together!

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