Launch of Snax- a Blockchain technology Based Social Overlay


Blockchain based technologies have definitely brought about a new era of modern technological advancement. Applications of this technology as enterprise solutions have shown a high level of efficiency & transparency which did not exist in previous systems. On the other side, It would be foolish to deny that social networking platform or media is not one of the biggest innovations of the past one and half decades. Various social media platforms have been the actual catalyst for change in many sectors around the globe. Some of the world’s biggest companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are involved in and use to get directly benefited by this platforms.
Social currency, financial and technological sectors have also been affected by the implementation of blockchain based technologies into new platforms which is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement of technological advancement.
The blockchain technology-based application could essentially include all of these social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit together, from traditional to new apps integration and create a reliable platform from which we derive trusted information.
Introduction of Snax  : It’s a blockchain technology based overlay aimed to cover the most popular social media to establish an economy of people’s interactions.
It is the basic utility token based and have own DPOS blockchain system, to measure the value of a public content with out any confusions or in a transparent way and rewarding publishers of social platforms hassle free without budging the already established business models. Snax application provides its users free accounts registration,  donation system and free instant transactions, the possibility to create Apps.

Why Snax application is so different ?

This application focused on already existing or registered user’s network effects  or behaviour &  saving accumulated UX , it means an user like you don’t have to worry about the sudden change of normal flow of using their social network sites to get entery into Snax based economy.  You just need to do keep publishing relevant engaging content & keep track of your Snax account balance at times.
This application serves two basic ways to make its user to engage into it .
Firstly collect the  Rewards or earn tokens for its Regular Publisher and secondly is- Send & also receive donations via this application.
These conclusions are actually came through real Social Transactions mechanism, which is one of the key characteristic of the Snax blockchain application . Social Transactions process provide an unique advantages to send SNAX to any account on any social media platform incorporated with Snax. The most crucial and important side of this Social Transactions mechanism is that it provides an opportunity to send tokens to an individual account who has not registered a user on Snax yet.

Distribution of token to social influencers instead of the Initial Coin Offerings ( ICO):

Almost seventy-nine percent of total thousand crores of SNAX supply delivered as rewards points to the regular publisher user. Snax application gathers all permanent data from various social media platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter and pays rewards to users according to their content’s influence and involvement or engaging capacity.
Don’t forget the Snax mainnet  a blockchain based application incorporate with social media will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2018, and every fresh cum new Snax user, who bind their own Twitter account, will able to receive an airdrop of fifty SNAX to try the service. So, Let’s establish a new social economy together and move ahead with technology!

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