Decipherment of the Call Center Sector and Customer Service

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With customers now holding the whip of the market, businesses are shifting their focus from revenue generation and profit sustainability to customer experience and better engagement. The industry of call centers has experienced some rapid transition in the recent years that have changed the game completely.

Call center sector, today, is a space for businesses to tap on the growing opportunities and a powerful tool that can either make or break a company’s reputation in the digitally-boosted environment where customers expect an around-the-clock assistance. Wise business owners are making sure to grab such opportunities to mold customer experiences by bringing in ultra-modern technologies and competent agents.

Successful brands understand that even though bottlenecks like agent turnover, drop in usage of the voice channel for support, and seamless service exist, call centers are still the most promising way to provide customer satisfaction. This is why company owners chart their routes towards affordable call centers in India for their customer support requirements.

Panorama of the customer service sector

Even though the call center industry has covered an exceptionally large distance in a short time, the overall scenario is not very celebrating. Truth is, the BPO sector’s performance is well below-the-par as it tries hard to mature by depending on the conventional analog systems and IVRs in a business environment that demands a much higher level of digitalization. Wherever the self-service alternative failed to deliver the desired experience, customers didn’t hesitate to switch to voice support. So call centers in India and every other part of the world are now focusing harder on customer retention than customer service.

Along with this, increasing job dissatisfaction and higher employee turnover rates are also pounding the growth possibility of call center sector. Disastrously, the employee turnover rate of overall call center industry is around 35 – 40 %. Inflation is leading to the rise in the labor costs, which in turn, is taking away the overall cost benefit that outsourcing used to provide before.

Technology and Call Centers

Customer care division is in a precarious state as technologies are progressing briskly, impacting the customer experiences more than ever. Customers today are getting a habit of having an integrated, uninterrupted, user-friendly support from the businesses.

Ultra-modern techs such as AI, chatbots, RPA, etc are constantly leaving an impact on customer interactions. Previously, the tendency to offer assistance on more than one channels and providing live chat support was considered an added benefit. Today, these are the basic needs of customers.

Despite all, only 35% of the contact centers hold the capability to track the customer movement across the different channels and a sheer 17% of the brands are able to identify the issues that are hampering the customer experience. This is why high customer churn rate is becoming a trend in the call center sector.

Businesses across the globe are hence seeking reliable support from the call centers in India that comprise advanced technology and sophisticated tools to improvise the customer experience remarkably.

Top trends of call center sector

Few ruling technologies and trends that are shaping the customer service sector and call center industry are:


Since 70% of the world population is already engaged in the purchase or sale of goods/services through a web-based platform, businesses are now ensuring to allocate an effective chat support team for their customers. Some of the top brands of the world have earned fame and name because of their iconic chat support. Today, the trend of virtual assistance and chatbots have encompassed the entire business world.

Prediction is that this technology is going to get more sophisticated where it responds with elevated personalization and boosted empathy. Along with this, chat support is also expected to track the customer journey with extreme preciseness.

Conversational commerce

By “Conversational Commerce” we mean the crossroad where online shopping and messaging applications coincide with each other.

Businesses and call centers in India, USA, UK, etc are utilizing this particular platform for different purposes like predictive marketing and functions via AI-backed chatbots. Different functions these hi-tech chatbots perform are:

  • Read messages
  • Analyzing purchasing behavior and browsing history
  • Responding to customer queries, complaints, and grievances

Modern data analytics

With new innovation coming up in Big Data every now and then, call centers and businesses are now concentrating more on collecting and studying the customer data to dig out valuable business insights. With technological burst on its apex, sophisticated data analytics tools are now emerging that help a company in business forecasting and making recommendations sourced from the gathered information.

Intelligent call routing

The magic of redirecting the customer calls on the basis of customers’ track record and specific requirements can assist the companies in offering personalized support experience that modern consumers look for. New technologies have come up that are fusing advanced data and analytics to consign customers directly to the support agents. Previous purchases and online behaviour are amongst the demographics using which the contact center experts collect the useful data.

Other Trends

Some of the other trends that are influencing call center sector and customer service division are:

  • Around-the-clock self-service facility
  • Hybrid AI
  • Harnessing the power of social media to engage customers

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