Advantages and Disadvantages of IOT Devices in Small Businesses


The term, “Internet of Things” or IoT, have been generating much buzz in the digital world nowadays whether it is globally or in the Philippines. IoT devices are a core technology in this day and age. IoT is commonly known to be a wide network formed by physical electronic devices interconnected because of the internet. There are many applications of IoT here in the Philippines with IoT devices seen in various business industries and homes. If you are thinking of getting one for your small businesses, then you should see the advantages and disadvantages first so you will know how it will benefit you in the long run.

Get to know the advantages of IoT devices here:

Access Information

IoT devices can allow you to easily access your data and information even if you are away on location. All of the information can be accessed in real time because the network of devices can allow you to access it from anywhere in the world. This promotes its convenience not only for professionals but for those with personal purposes. With IoT devices you can work on the go no matter what your location is.


The key advantage of these devices is the improved communication. With progressive advancements in this area, the communication of devices proves to be more efficient. By using the network of interconnected devices, the inefficiencies in communication are significantly reduced. Processes that require strategic communication can greatly benefit from these types of devices because of the accessibility and efficiency it offers. It can be integrated in industries such as manufacturing or advertising because it is flexible enough to use in these kinds of application. With IoT devices, you can produce better results at a faster pace.


Not only is it efficient, it is also affordable as well. The communication between electronic devices will allow you to accomplish daily tasks with ease and in a cost-effective way. Transfer data over the interconnected network in order to save time and money. Without IoT devices, the transfer of the same data would take a long time to do.

Here are some disadvantages of the internet of things:

Privacy & Security  

There can be instances when the privacy and security can be compromised in the network but rest assured that these cases are rare. The leakage of data is a risk that you can subject yourself to if you do not procure IoT devices from a reliable and trusted source. This can be a major drawback in sharing information because confidentiality may be unsecured.

Lesser Jobs

Automation reduces the need for human labor in the operations. This has a direct impact on the level of employability of people. There is no denying that IoT is the future so this will have affect a decline in the hiring process of professionals. Dependability would be compromised because lesser jobs can be a result of the integration IoT devices in an organization.

Key Takeaway

The advantages and disadvantages of IoT devices are what makes them unique. Each make up the capabilities and technicalities for your small business. Employ these devices so that you can know how it the pros and cons can work for you.

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