5 Tips on how to use Instagram for your Business

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Facebook mainly used to connect friends and family where Instagram also covers the other domains such as business, marketing, fashion, Studies etc. Hence using the Instagram as platform for the business is a wise idea in the day today technology. Instagram provides special features for Business development and suits its platform for a seller-customer relationship. Best online marketing companies are also using Instagram as a key for the development of their business. Some of the working tips are given below to enhance the business.

1. Creating and Setting up a profile

Creating the profile is a very preliminary and basic process where users create their Instagram id with e-mail or phone number. Next process is to convert the normal profile into a business account where this option is available in the settings. Unlike the normal profile business account has as contact details for the customer to contact their business customer care. This is the major difference between the normal profile and business profile. Business account has several other important features which aid business and some important features are Announcements, Collaboration with other business solutions, advertising, offer announcements, promotions etc.

2. Targeting the audience

There are several criteria for selecting the audience and customer; these criteria should be based on their business aim and necessity. The basic criteria’s are age, gender, location, interest. Example, If the business is started for the Food and Beverage possibly audience and customers within the age limit of 18 to 40. Analysis can be done to know the criteria’s for business because basically, criteria vary from brand to brand and business to business.

3. Relevant Goals and Objective

Appropriate goals make the Business development clear and easy on Instagram. Goals and objective may vary from business to business, some of the possible and successful goal and objectives are Increasing brand awareness, Acquiring new customers and driving sales, Engaging with existing customers, Recruiting new, talent Sharing brand-related news, Connecting with influencers in your industry. Short term and long term goals are considered according to their necessity.

4. Strategies


Hashtags are a special feature of Instagram where the search possibility could be increased in business links. Important and necessary terms are highlighted by adding hash before a word will be added into search history on Instagram. In fact post with one hashtag increase the possibility of engagement to 12.6 percent. Ex. #spikeshoes, this word with hashtag connects all brands which have the name spike shoes.

Improving Aesthetics 

Presenting brands plays a vital role in attracting customers and turning spectators into customers. The images, descriptions, offers, polls, hashtags, bio, colors, themes, background etc., are the basic aesthetic elements which help the buyers to pay more attention to the brand and their products. `Logos’ plays an important role in attracting customers. Every brand has unique designed logos that help the brand to showcase its product by differentiating with other competitors.

Linked Accounts

This strategy is used to improve the platform of business Instagram account. This process is just adding the Instagram account to their respective facebook account in which this option is available in settings. Apart from Facebook, other social media are also used to broadcast the visibility of Instagram account. Additionally, other features such as copying and sharing the respective Instagram profiles are also available to enhance visibility.


Apart from other Strategies Advertisements are more profitable in improving the business. Advertisement helps in grasping the attention of customers and getting engaged with people. There are various means for posting the advertisements like Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, and stories Ads. 

Photo Ads

Attractive photos are used for advertising brands and products.                                  

Video Ads

This is the place where Video with sounds helps to grabs attention of Customers.         

Carousel Ads

This is the bunch of photos that are arranged in a sequence.

Stories Ads

The Separate section is available to post a story at top of the profile.


Creating competition among the customers or spectators helps to pay more attention to Brand, Products or services. Tempting the customers by announcing the deadline for the brands improves the attention. Allotting prices to a desirable number of spectators increase the chance of buying. Donating Coupons or price codes are also a considerably good idea of making business through Instagram.

Instagram live

This earns lots of direct online customers. The main idea of this concept is to make the current online spectators into customers. Announcing the contest or games through live with some prizes makes the customers pay attention. Not only for the contest, ideas, features, upcoming models, and updates these also can be explained through the Live.

Instagram Promotion

Seeking popular pages or accounts to promote the brand or Instagram account helps for good reach. The pages with high followers would start to follow the brand or get interested to buy.


Polls are mainly used to drive the attraction by market research, customer feedback or to know about the audience likes and dislikes.

5. Progress Monitoring using analytical tools

 Reviewing Metrics helps to understand the progress of the Instagram account. There are two types are metrics needed to check. 1. Individual post metrics 2. Account post metrics.

Post metrics

They are subdivided into the impression, Instagram reaches percentage and engagement. Impression denotes the number of people visits the individual post. b) Instagram reach percentage could be calculated by dividing the number of followers to impression c) Engagement tells the number of times that particular post is liked, commented, shared and saved.

Audience metrics  Engaging with customers gives the likes and dislikes of their interest that helps the seller or admin to post related. This feature is available in Instagram insights which provide the basic demographic information such as gender, Age, location, activity.

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