4 Great Tips to Set Up the First PR Campaign for Your Business

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You have just designed and launched a mobile application and have started making huge money. But have you been able to make up your mind for jumping into the world of public relations? Obviously, you want the entire world to know about your product, message, brand or mission. You are too excited for all this and you really have full confidence in your creativity. But what about all the elements needed for launching a PR campaign for a short time or hire a publicist for the long term?

According to experts of a top SEO agency, before you decide to begin your research on the PR firms, it is important to think about publicity and what you really want from it. The objective of publicity is creating your image through ‘independent source’ or editorial commentary. Let us discuss about few things before launching your first PR campaign.

  1. Create pitch of your thoughts – You will often find that the most experienced entrepreneurs might find it difficult to share their views and opinions with the pitch. They want to stay behind the scenes, but this is going to hurt the chances of your company to get the desired attention of media. Consumers would like to hear directly from people who are leading the organization.

You will have to work with your PR agency to prepare for at least three to five topics on which you can speak. Each of them should consist of a headline and not more than one or two sentences related to the topic.

  1. Proper details of your brand – Both thought leadership and own branding goes together. The audience and the media are interested in knowing the founder on a personal level. The followers of CEO on the social media platform are the first thing to be considered as their social proof. Make sure you have a well-written profile that has an interesting bio, high-resolution head-shot and previously published clips of your promotion. Also, check the links of all social media profiles along with the number of followers.
  2. See what you can actually stick to – Professionals of a reputed SEO agency have said, after creating your pitch and personal brand, it is important to see what you can stick to. Allow the agency to develop your targeted media list that should consist of own contacts and lists collected from social media. Your pitches will possibly be picked up by the writers and journalist that are actively talking or writing about a particular topic.

Test the pitches and see the ones that can grab attention of listeners. Do not feel disheartened if no one picks them up. Your agency should tell you if the pitch emails had been opened that provides an indication that you are following the right track. Try to remain in this step till it gets evident that a particular pitch or two will start gaining interest.

  1. Try to think like a journalist – After you have already nailed down your pitch, it is time to brush it up and make it more appealing. Check the data and other statistics that can support your pitch and the specific industry you are engaged in. Journalists will simply appreciate if you like to hand them everything for speech.

According to DubSEO – SEO experts, you should always have practical expectations before indulging complete force in a PR campaign. Select a reputed PR agency that mainly focuses on the results and understands everything about digital marketing and what it takes to expand a business successfully.

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