Gojek Clone App – A Powerful Multi-Service App at Your Fingertips

Gojek Clone

In today’s digital world, convenience and accessibility are paramount. People are looking for things that are quick and easy. It is no surprise then, that the mobile app industry has seen an explosion in growth in recent years. With over 2.7 billion smartphone users and 1.35 billion tablet users and over $189 billion in expected revenue by the year 2020, the app industry is not going anywhere soon. 

For an entrepreneur, the mobile app development sector is bursting with potential. With the right investment choices and some shrewd maneuvering, one can make some serious profit if they play their cards right. With that being said, making the right choice can be a strenuous process. 

With so many options to choose from, zoning in on the right corner of the market is tough. Should you go with a taxi service app? Or a food delivery app? With business booming all across the industry, it makes sense to go with an app that encapsulates all these services under one banner. A one-stop shop for all your needs. 

Why This App?

On-demand services are the wave of the future. This Gojek clone app provides all the services you can ask for in one all-encompassing app. It gives users a plethora of options when it comes to the services provided. It is essentially a food delivery app, a taxi service app, a rideshare app and much, much more rolled into one convenient package. 

The aim of this Gojek clone app is to eliminate the need for switching between multiple apps for different tasks. With the ability to cater to all of the customer’s needs, it is a no-brainer for any entrepreneur looking to invest in the mobile app development industry. 


The package offered with this Gojek clone app includes a full-fledged website developed according to your needs and requirements, a licensed source code which is completely customisable, white labelling through which you can bring higher visibility to your brand, complete privacy, compatibility with both android and iOS platforms, and much, much more. It is designed to be user friendly and can be customised to accommodate numerous different languages. Compared to an app that is built from scratch, a clone app such as this one takes a fraction of the time to complete. 

Since the framework and basic structure of the app is already in place, a Gojek clone app can be completed at a cost-effective price with a very low turnaround time. This enables the user to integrate the app into their existing business model in almost no time at all. An updated admin panel that is part of the package offered allows for real time monitoring and supervision of all the users and service providers. This ensures that quality service is provided to the customer in a timely manner and if any discrepancies should arise, that it is dealt with right away.


With so many options readily available, this Gojek clone app is a must buy for any entrepreneur looking to make a smart investment in the mobile app arena. 


Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth Hacker at AppDupe, a pioneer in app development is a one-stop solution for all your ride-hailing business needs. Also a blogger and a growth hacker who loves to find new business ideas and help startup entrepreneurs with business consultation.


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